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Neural Networks: Growing Trend in Industry ( Vortrag )

Example: Future Automotive Industry

Referent: Sr Technical Marketing Manager Megha Daga, cadence design systems
Vortragsreihe: Machine Learning
Zeit: 06.12.17 14:45-15:25




Analyse & Design, Implementierung, Aus Forschung & Lehre






Machine Learning and Neural Networks have experienced a very accelerated growth in recent years, making their ways into various commercial products across many industries. The automotive industry continues to face a dynamic set of challenges with changing market conditions. Until recently the thought has been that ADAS would gradually evolve into self-driving capabilities, but the industry and the researchers have found that the innovation at this level is limited and in order to proceed, vehicles need to be more than operating independently. They need to recognize their surroundings, think, reason and take action. This is where NN technology complements rather than replace the existing non-NN technology. This talk will describe the historical perspective of NN in automotive and explain the current situation, including design challenges and utilizing industry-standard APIs


* What is Neural Network
* Growth and trend in Neural Networks
* Example of a traditional Automotive pipeline
* Challenges in Automotive industry
* Neural Networks in Automotive industry
* Industry standard APIs in Automotive industry

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Participants will get an overview of Neural Networks and how the growing trends in this industry is coming into Automotive field. Participants will also get a brief introduction to some industry standard APIs getting introduced in Neural Networks for Automotive industry.

Über den Referenten

I am a technical marketing manager at cadence design systems and focus on setting roadmap for our upcoming vision products and their software infrastructure